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What is my Remedy, LLC?
my Remedy is not just a brand; it's a lifestyle committed to positive, encouraging ideas. my Remedy features eco-friendly printed apparel, hand-crafted jewelry & custom design, all created by Jillian Pfund to ignite a movement of living in love.

What’s the idea behind my Remedy?
my Remedy truly believes that you can have a good time & still do good for your world.
Art & design have always been therapeutic for me. I created my Remedy out of this reality in the hope that it will be a facilitator of positive change for others, as it is for me. When you buy my Remedy, it becomes your remedy. By living in love & sparking positive change, my Remedy can become our (the world’s!) remedy.

How are you an eco-friendly company?
my Remedy tries to be eco-friendly whenever possible. One example is that the apparel is screen printed with water-based ink, which is safer for the environment than the more commonly used plastisol ink. Water-based ink is not toxic & can be washed out with water. Also, my Remedy uses recycled paper whenever possible, including shipping materials. Jewelry shopping bags are made from natural fibers. my Remedy does its best to be environmentally friendly hoping that you will get inspired & follow suit, too!

What brand apparel do you use?
my Remedy uses American Apparel®.

How many duplicates do you make of each jewelry piece?
It depends on the jewelry piece. Many of the jewelry pieces have a very limited run. Other pieces may only be made once & you could be the sole owner of the piece! Because the pieces are hand-crafted, they're each individual in their own way.

Can I place a custom order for jewelry?
YES! I’d love to create something for you. Email: & let’s make your vision come to life. Please be aware that there is an initial cost for custom made pieces, as well as the cost of supplies & time. Also, please allow extra time for pieces to be made.

What if I see a piece of jewelry that I would like to buy, but it’s already been sold?
Please email: to see if additional pieces can be made.

For U.S. orders, once ordered & paid for, how long until I receive my item(s)?
Items are sent out within 2 business days (M-F). Please allow 3-5 days after this for delivery.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Shipping prices differ for various countries. Items are sent out within 2 business days (M-F). Please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery (varies depending on your country). For faster shipping, choose 'Priority' shipping at checkout.

What do I do if I want to return or exchange something?
You're important to me. If there is a problem with the product you received, please email me within 3 days of receiving the merchandise to discuss the issue & see if a refund or exchange is possible.

The website was in maintenance mode? What's up with that?
If the website was in maintenance mode, there could be two reasons why. 1) We were doing edits to the site, adding new products or redesigning. B) my Remedy was selling at an event & to prevent from overselling, the site is put in maintenance mode. To see when my Remedy is at an event, check out the Facebook & Twitter pages! Thanks for your patience & I apologize for any inconveniences.

Who took the photographs I see on this site?
I did!

Who did your website?
I designed it. Jeremy Pfund helped me put it together on the web. He's rad! We make a great team.

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The questions & answers listed here may change at any time, without notice.