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my Remedy can accommodate your design needs, including custom jewelry pieces & graphic design.

Custom jewelry pieces are designed to be everything that you want! I pay close attention to detail & after getting to know you a little bit better, will use the information you provide to make you the perfect piece. Everything on the piece is customizable including colors, sizes, lengths, feel (do you want a retro piece? A boho piece? A classic one?), & so on. I can make something from base metal or design a piece for you with ready made charms & materials (I've created jewelry with someone's beloved dog's dogtag, another customer's vintage family heirloom & more). You may also order a custom piece for a loved one as a gift! Please contact me if you need wedding jewelry custom made.

Not sure what you’re looking for? That’s not a problem either! I will work with you & provide many options in order to create a piece for you that feels like… YOU!
Please be aware that there is an initial cost for custom made pieces, as well as the cost of supplies & time. Also, please allow extra time for supplies to be ordered & pieces to be made. Costs of pieces vary & will be decided upon when we talk based on your budget.

As my Remedy’s designer, I am also a print & web designer. I graduated with a BFA in graphic design & would love to work with you on design projects. Graphic design options include logos, business cards, stationery sets, invitations, greeting cards, website design & more. I’ve designed for a wide variety of businesses & bands including Dogwood (band), Fenix Int'l (renewable energy company), Incarnate Consulting (youth ministry consulting group), Art’s Weekly Inc. (publishing company), Formatic Clothing (clothing company, Teaze Parlour (hair salon) & more.
Please email: with a detailed description of your project & to find out more information.